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Welcome (Bienvenu) to the Comeau Associates world wide headquarters web page. It's intent is to inform and amuse.

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Interesting sites:

WebMuseum Visit the Louvre in Paris as well as other art sites. A great Web site. Easy to get around yet it has a wealth of graphics. Monet, Munch and Modigliani as well as many others. This was the first great web site I saw in 1994 that made me a true World Wide Web believer. Also visit the Louvre site in France.
Mt. Washington, NH A well done site about the North East's highest peak. The summit holds the world's highest wind speed record of 231 Miles Per Hour.
Woods Hole, Cape Cod Some fun facts about fish and lobsters. Like 'Why does a lobster turn red when cooked?'
New England Mountain Guides New England Mountain Guides provides both summer and winter adventures in rock climbing, hiking and ice climbing. Alain Comeau is a great climbing instructor and is also my brother.
Tobacco Control Archives An archive of tobacco related documents including those given to the senate. Interesting information althought it may take some looking. I feel tobacco companies are bad because they cause bad health.
BRFSS Health Survey This is an adult health survey that is done in all 50 states plus PR, Guam and the Virgin Islands. Someone told me that it's the largest continuously running survey in the world. It's a great source of behavior and health information for US residents. If you go to this web site you can view the data for many years.
The following are just a small sample of some state specific BRFSS web sites:
North Carolina BRFSS The NC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Kansas BRFSS Home Page This is the Kansas BRFSS Home page.
Colorado Health Statistics Section Site providing Health Statistics for Colorado.
Illinois BRFSS Illinois Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Stopping By Slopes On a Snowy Evening

This is a video of me (Claude) reading a short poem about skiing I wrote that was inspired by Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening".

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